The Limits of “Unlimited” Web Hosting – Know the Truth

Do you have doubts about these so-called “unlimited” web hosting? How can it be possible when everything in the world is limited – resources and even internet connection for some country.

Affordable plans that offer unlimited bandwidth, disk space, data storage, etc. may seem alluring, but it’s important to understand what comes with them. Keep reading this article to know what will you get before jumping on the unlimited-is-life bandwagon.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the range of the frequency that is used for transmitting signal to the rest of the internet. Almost all web hosting companies use multiple network service provider to increase the available amount of their bandwidth. Here’s the truth: they buy large bandwidth connections in order for them to handle the traffic of their consumers, therefore, creating the “unlimited” bandwidth plan.

Most average users will not get affected regarding bandwidth problems, but huge websites with a lot of videos, and visitors who download and watch them will quickly face a lot of bandwidth problems in the long run. Just imagine a frustrated user’s face, almost breaking the mouse just to click for a video on your site. Though this may not likely to happen since they will just leave out of frustration.



Unlimited Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of space distributed by a server for your web hosting plan. Most web hosting providers tell you that they offer unlimited disk space but wait! If there’s such a thing as unlimited disk space, how come there are no unlimited hard drives? How on earth do web hosting companies offer such magical things – unlimited disk space?

The average required disk space of most websites range from 5GB to 30GB. Web hosting providers calculate these numbers to determine how much space users need. An average user is unlikely to exceed the 30GB allotment, so here comes the magic trick: web hosts will advertise this as “unlimited” space but in reality, it is only 5GB-30GB.


In Conclusion

Almost all of web hosting providers offer unlimited features these days, unlimited data transfer, unlimited disk space, and so on. So now, are these plans good to sign up? The answer is YES, but just keep in mind that it is not really unlimited. Everything is limited, even our own lifespan.

For the average users, affordable plans for web hosting is more than sufficient. If you’re new to web hosting then you’ll not likely going exceed the limitations of these so-called unlimited plans. You can easily get an awesome web hosting package for a reasonable price of $10 to $20 per month. When choosing a plan, always check other important features as well and don’t just focus on the unlimited offers.